Dice Crawl: Optional Rules for Advanced Solo Play and a new Ironman Mode

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Sep 30th, 2014
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SoulJar Games gives you more ways to play their Dice Crawl game with new, free optional rules for advanced solo play and an Ironman Mode (you don’t actually play as Ironman, though that would be cool).

Dice Crawl


From the website:

Hi Dice Crawl players! Postworldgames Jim Pinto – the designer behind Dice Crawl – has come up with two new optional rulesets for your Dice Crawl games: an Ironman Mode and Advanced Solo Play rules!

Ironman introduces elimination rules and a lower dice count than maybe you are used to: it’s Yahtzee meets a gladitorial contest and players aim to eliminate each other from the game.

The Advanced Soloplay Rules introduces three different gaming ‘personalities’ and play styles for your AI opponents! How will you beat them?

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  • The Beast Rampant

    I was really excited upon discovering this game. I had thought up a something somewhat along this line ages back, and was hoping this would be that, made manifest.

    But investigation reveals it to be a SUPER abstract game with the thinnest veneer of dungeoncrawling imaginable. It makes Cave Troll look line 1st ed. Descent. Except that Cave Troll had thematic artwork. And no cubes as PC’s.

    I’ll just fire up ‘Adventure’ on my old 2600 and save my $40.