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DGS Games will release the Varkraalan Truthseeker on May 15th

A new mini will soon be making its way to the tables of Freeblades, and just about anyone can use it. The Varkraalan Truthseeker is a new ally that will be recruitable by just about anyone, but also a faction model for the Kuzaarik. As you can see from the headline, you'll be able to pick up this new figure in just under a month's time. Figure preview to come soon, I'm sure.

From the announcement:

On May 15th, DGS Games will release the Varkraalan Truthseeker for their Freeblades Game. This model will be an ally for most factions, and a faction model for the Kuzaarik, as the two nations share a strong bond.
The Seekers of Varkraal are sects of monks dedicated to the improvement of society. Each sect focuses on a different aspect of spiritual, physical and cognitive improvements. Truthseekers are dedicated to expanding their people’s understanding of the world at large and their place in it. Uncovering hidden knowledge and making important discoveries often involves a certain degree of danger, so Truthseekers train to protect themselves and their fellow citizens. They pursue this training with the same diligence as they pursue wisdom, making them as highly competent in combat as they are in developing their conception of the world.

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