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DGS Games will be at Origins

DGS Games went to Adepticon and had some new models there. They'll be at Origins and if you didn't get a chance at Adepticon, you can have another this weekend in Columbus.

From them to you:

DGS Games returned to Adepticon this year and released the Grular faction starter box for their Freeblades game, which includes two new figures: The Kor-khan and Krang.

In the World of Faelon, To earn the rank of Kor-Khan is an achievement reached by only the most elite warriors and entitles the bearer to lead the Khan’s armies on the field of battle. Kor-khans lead from the front swinging the vicious spikedrakh in one hand and a pulverizing flail in the other.

Krang are typically recruited from the orphans and other dregs of society. Krang are given training in two symbolic weapons – the spikedrakh and the anghara. Training emphasizes fast flurries of furious combination attacks. These skills make Krang a valuable and familiar site in the warbands of the Grular.

In addition to having a booth, DGS Games also ran introductory games throughout the weekend. DGS Games next event is Origins '12 in Columbus, OH the first weekend in June.