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DGS Games returns to Genghis Con 17-19 Feb

DGS Games is returning to Genghis Con Feb 17-19, 2012 in Aurora, Colorado:

From their post:

The company is releasing three Freeblades starter sets, in addition to additional single figures. These starter sets will be available for purchase and being used in introductory games throughout the weekend. The figures are part of the Trilian, Haradelan, and Bandit factions.
Introductory games of DGS Games Freeblades game will be held as part of the Genghis Con program, with two on Friday and three on Saturday – all materials will be provided to play – just show up and have fun.
Customers will be able to purchase figures, dice, play aids and T-Shirts at the DGS Games booth in the dealer area. There will be convention sales specials for those attending the convention.