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DGS Games releasing Thief figure at GenCon 2014

DGS Games is also headed to Indianapolis for GenCon. There, they'll have their convention Thief figure available at their booth.

Thief Figure


From them to you:

DGS Games is releasing the Thief figure from their Black Thorn Freeblades faction at GenCon 2014. This figure completes the Black Thorn starter set, and is complemented by a number of followers already available. Of note this figure comes with two arm choices - one is a large jewel and the other is a bag of loot.

DGS Games notes that the sculptor, Chris Jackson, did an outstanding job of capturing everything in this sculpt. DGS Games, as a company is getting better/experienced at more detailed sketch art we provide the sculptors, all of those extras come from the art, to include the lock picks tucked into the leg straps, and the decision to include an alternate left arm holding a bag of loot.