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DGS Games Releases New Eclipse Sisterhood Faction For Freeblades

A new faction is making its way your tabletops in Freeblades. DGS Games has released the Eclipse Sisterhood. The company's been working on the set for a while, and now you can pick them up. This all-woman faction is not to be trifled with. They're highly-trained and dedicated warriors, looking to oust the oppressive Traazorite Empire from their lands.

From the announcement:

Early last year DGS Games Kickstarted an all female faction for their game Freeblades. Now, that faction is released and to celebrate, DGS is offering 20% off your entire webstore purchase when you buy an Eclipse Sisterhood Starter Set and use the code "eclipse" at checkout.

The Eclipse fights the oppression of the Traazorite Empire with a mix of speed, maneuverability, great ranged combat ability, and subterfuge.

You can start your rebellion today with the Eclipse Starter Set and save 20% on your total order of DGS Games' figures!