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DGS Games releases Kuzaarik Wayblocker figure for Freeblades

DGS Games had themselves a successful Kickstarter earlier this year to bring the Kuzaarik faction to Freeblades. The campaign was a success and now that backers have their products, it's time to release these models to the general public. Hence, the Kuzaarik Wayblocker is now available over in their webshop.

These younger warriors are made up mostly of those just trying to fulfill their mandatory service years. As such, it's a pretty big force and makes up the core of the Kuzaarik armed forces.


From the release:

Sometimes referred to as the Dwarves of Faelon, the Kuzaarik have a look and feel all their own. DGS Games had their third successful Kickstarter this past summer and once again were successfully funded and delivered their rewards to their backers on time. This added another new faction to their growing Freeblades skirmish game figure line.

The Kuzaarik Wayblocker is one of the figures produced as a result of making a stretch goal during DGS Games kickstarter. These figures are available for sale individually through retailers, distributors and the DGS Webstore.

Mostly comprised of younger Kuzaarik fulfilling their mandatory military service requirement, the Wayblocker formations are the heart of the Kuzaarik military force. The weapons and armor issued to the young warriors are theirs for life. They must be maintained and returned to the State by the family upon the death of the soldier. Many Wayblockers march into battle chanting the names of those who have worn their armor before them.