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DGS Games releases Kuzaarik Kryomancer figure for Freeblades

DGS Games continues the release of their Kuzaarik forces from their recent Kickstarter. This one is the Kuzaarik Kryomancer. Granted, with how cold it's getting around here, I'm not sure one's really necessary. Or, maybe that's where all this cold is coming from to begin with. I guess you've got someone to counter-act the flamethrower guys from this morning.
Anyway, the Kryomancer is a little special, as it was designed to look like Kickstarter backer Bryan Bledsoe. I always think it's really cool when companies do that sort of thing.
Bryan the Kryomancer is available now over in the DGS webshop.


From the release:

DGS Games continues to release Kuzaarik figures from their latest successful kickstarter project. The Kryomancer is a special figure in that a kickstarter reward was to have a person's likeness sculpted on the figure - in this case, a huge fan and player Bryan Bledsoe, was given the reward as a gift from his gaming buddies. Is this a great industry to be involved in or what?

Once the Kryomancer Guild found themselves at the heart of Kuzaarik industry, for only through their enchantments and power could the Cold Forges operate. With the death of the Great Cities and the seizure of the last Cold Forge by the High Council, the Kryomancer Guild lost much of its influence. Kryomancers are now forced to seek other means of making a living. Some hire out to Freebands, others become advisors to various Guildmasters. While these more mundane roles chafe with many, they know the edict “All Must Serve” is no idle threat.