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DGS Games Posts October-November Development Blog

DGS Games is working hard on Freeblades, their fantasy miniatures game. They've got quite a things they've been working on, including a new hire in the form of Matt Gooch. They're also going to be releasing the first of a new faction, the Mershael. You can soon pick up the new figure, the Takar Hunter/Takar Lookout. Check out all the cool things going on with this update.

From the announcement:

October 23rd sees the release of a new model for the Freeblades range, The Takar Hunter! Hailing from the mysterious land of Mershael, these expert swordsman and falconers will soon be finding their way into Freebands all over Faelon.

"An elite cadre stands watch over the frontiers of the Shrouded Kingdom. These men and women, the Takar Hunters, are scouts and falconers of the first order. No enemy can remain hidden from them for long. Their eagles range far ahead, revealing and marking foes. These raptors then return to fight alongside their masters, who are fair warriors in their own right."

Now we know that you love options, so we've given them to you! When you buy the Takar Hunter, you also have the option of building the Takar Lookout!

"Takar Lookouts man the Amakir, or border castles, of the Kingdom of Mershael. They have many duties as part of the guard that protects the frontier and the most promising are eventually raised to the rank of Hunter and learn the ways of Taumari and Eagle."

This exciting new release from DGS Games for their Freeblades line is the first Mershael Faction release (find out more about them at and comes with the pieces to make either The Takar Hunter, who is an ally hero, or the Takar Lookout, which is an ally follower.

Both the Hunter and the Lookout can join any Freeband, giving you even more options for your games of Freeblades!