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DGS Games Launches Creatures of Faelon Kickstarter

Freeblades! Freeblades! *ignites lighter and sways it back an forth* Woo!
DGS Games' Freeblades already has some cool monsters in it, but the guys over there would really like some more. As such, they've launched a new Kickstarter campaign for Creatures of Faelon, with the hopes of bringing even more beasts to the fantasy tabletop miniatures game.

The main push of this project is to bring 5 new monsters to life (well, to miniature, pewter life, anyway) in Freeblades. The figures can be used in the various scenarios already available for the game, but DGS is also creating new ones specifically for these figures. The creatures are the Saryad (a sort of leader of Dryads), the Ventarx (a winged demon), the Shalkarak (a giant snake), the Ar-Grush (a full-grown, female Grush), and the Mokruhl (a sort of ghost-apparition thing).

The campaign is already over 1/3 funded and still has 26 days left to go.