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DGS Games announces upcoming release of Black Thorn Bandits for Freeblades

DGS Games has announced the release of a new faction for Freeblades, the Black Thorn Bandits, and is planning a party for them this November.


From the announcement:

November 29th, 2013, which used to be known as Black Friday, in Faelon is now known as Black Thorn Friday! On Black Thorn Friday we will be releasing our newest Rogue Freeband, the Black Thorn Bandits. Erolis, the Black Rose of the Arlian, leaves the duelist Okuvan in charge of her affairs in Haradel as she returns to terrorize the Falkaaran countryside. Okuvan takes his promotion and gathers a motley but deadly band of adventurers into the new Black Thorn Bandits freeband. You can help us celebrate this event early by attending a release party. What’s the big deal? Retailers who host a release party will get their Black Thorn Bandit Leader models and rules early – so players who attend a release party will be able to purchase them three weeks before everyone else! There will be some other surprises as well, so come join in on the fun.

A Kansas City release party is already scheduled at 31st Century Games on November 9th in conjunction with the Freeblades tournament.

Black Thorn Release Party Retailer Deal
Any retail partner who hosts a Black Thorn Release Party from November 9 to November 29, 2013 will get their Black Thorn Bandit Leader retail package early; in time to be on their shelves for their event. The Release Party can be any Freeblades event: scenario game, demonstration, tournament, mini-league, etc. DGS will assist participating retailers with signage and other marketing to help them advertise. Retailers should contact for more information.