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DGS Games announces painting contest

DGS Games wants you to break out your brushes and get to work painting up a 150 gold Freeblades Freeband (no word about Freebird, though). They're having themselves a painting contest. If you're chosen as the best, you get some pretty nifty prizes, including a starter box, a campaign map, and some other cool minis. Even if you don't win, you could still win the random-chance drawing for a Freeblades starter box. So why not get your name in the hat with an entry?

Entries will be taken until March 1st, with winners announced later that month.


From the announcement:

DGS Games has announced a painting contest for this winter - great timing for those in northern states that may be stuck inside for a few months. Easy to enter, just paint one of their freebands (6-7 models) and post some pictures on either their facebook page or the forums on their website.

Participants post up to three photos of a single, painted 150 gold Freeblades Freeband. The Freeband must be legal according to the Assembling Freebands rules from page 96 of the core rulebook.
Photos may be posted from December 15 2014 to March 1, 2015. They are to be posted to the DGS Games Facebook Page as a single post containing 1-3 photos and noting that these photos represent that person’s entry into the contest. The post needs to include a statement by the participant that the Freeband is their work.
Participants agree to the following:
1. One entry per person.
2. DGS can use the photos for whatever purpose.
3. Participants release Facebook from any responsibility with respect to this contest and acknowledge this this contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.
Once the contest closes at midnight CST on March 1st, 2015, a panel of judges chosen by DGS Games will select the best painted Freeband. The winner will receive a prize package containing:
-One of each Freeblades Beast Hunt creature (Golat, Vekul, Grush).
-A starter box of their choice of one of the Freeblades factions.
-A mini-campaign map.
-A Kandoran Sorcerer to accompany the release of The Sorcerer scenario.

All participants will be entered into a random drawing to be conducted by the DGS Games staff at DGS Games HQ. The winner of the random drawing will receive a Freeblades starter box of their choice.
Winners will be announced on 21 March 2015.