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Devil Pig Posts Preview of Age of Towers

Mining can lead to all sorts of discoveries. You could be digging and suddenly stumble upon a huge area filled with energy crystals, for example! This treasure-trove will certainly bring wealth and power to your city. But you're not the only one sinking mines into the earth. Other cities have come across the same stash and are trying to grab those crystals for themselves. And, to top it off, there's monsters looking to come and attack your city! How will you balance between defending your city from the monsters and getting those gems? Well, that's up for you to figure out in Age of Towers, of which, Devil Pig has posted an overview article.

From the announcement:

You’ve just found a mine filled with energy crystals ! Precisely those you use for your daily magic. The problem here is that you’v just stumbled onto a Hord of monsters. And to get things even worse, the other cities seem to have discovered the existence of that mine as well. You don’t have a choice, it’s them or you, with the monsters in the middle …

In approximately 60 minutes game for 2 to 4 players, or alone with the included solo mode, you will have to build towers to protect the path leading to your city and send back the monsters to wherever they came from (or to your neighbours’ place, it works too, and it’s actually more efficient).