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Devil Pig Games Launches Heroes of Normandie Card Game Kickstarter

Hitler has worked hard to take over the European continent. His "Fortress Europe" seems impossible to assault, with reinforced bunkers, anti-aircraft installments, and tank traps set all along the coast. But the Allies must make their way onto land if they want to have any hope of winning the war. That's where the invasion of Normandy comes in. And it's that (and other major battles) that you get to play out in the Heroes of Normandie Tactical Card Game that's up on Kickstarter now.


In the game, players will play as either the Axis or the Allies, using their cards on the battlefield to attack the other player's units. Each unit has its own attack values and special rules. Using your HQ units, you can have your troopers take extra actions, or you can use heroes to help bolster a unit's capabilities. Events can bring a surprising twist to the battle, swinging it in your favor. It's WWII with the "Hollywood Veneer" that you've come to know from the Heroes of Normandie board game series.

The campaign funded almost instantly, so it's now working its way through stretch goals. It'll be doing that for the next 22 days.