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Devil N Angel Party Card Game Up On Kickstarter

How well do you know your friends? Are they on the "goody two-shoes" side of things, or the "sell orphans to zoos for meat" side? I have a feeling that most of the people I know are certainly further on the "devil" side of things, just knowing them as I do. Well, if you're unsure, or just want to confirm your suspicions, you should check out Devil N Angel, a new party card game up on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

This game is named Devil and Angel. It's played by 3-8 players and it helps to get to know one another better yet having fun and laughter at the same time.

You will draw a devil or angel question and five answer cards will be drawn.

The other players will choose and decide which answers you will pick and those who guessed correctly will receive a devil point/angel point (depending on the which question you choose).

For any player that guessed your answer correctly, you will get to keep your question card.

The more devil questions you get means people get an impression of how bad you are and the more angel questions you get means how goody two shoes you are.

The more devil points you collect means you know much about the bad side of your friend well and the more angel points you collect means know the good side of your friends.

The questions and answers were all carefully thought out and really funny and relatable to people. Through this game, people can get to know each other better
and have fun at the same time. The best part is that you can learn to think about how each person character is through the choice of their answers and you may realize that the person is not who you think he is!

The Kickstarter us underway now, with 37 days left to go.