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Design a Tail Feathers Pilot Contest From Plaid Hat Games Happening Now

I'm a firm believer that every gamer out there is also a bit of a game designer. Honestly, everyone that's ever played a game has thought of a model they'd make for that game. At least, I know I've scribbled down rules for various models for games I've played over the years. Well, Plaid Hat Games is looking to reward some of that creativity for those that might want to try and make a pilot for Tail Feathers, their new skirmish game.

It's pretty simple, just comment to their thread over on their site with your idea for a pilot. One winner will have that idea turned into a piece of artwork and the rules will be made officially a part of the Tail Feathers game. They'll also get a free copy of the game when it comes out. Two second-place winners (one chosen as a runner-up and one chosen at random) will win $55 coupon codes for the Plaid Hat webshop.

Check out their thread for full rules and any other details about entering.