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Derpy Games Launches Nanobot Battle Area Kickstarter

Derpy Games started a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their NanoBot Battle Arena strategy miniatures game.

From the campaign:

New company Derpy Games has launched their first Kickstarter to fund their game Nanobot Battle Arena.

NanoBot Battle Arena is a new tabletop strategy game set in the distant future, where minuscule robots - NanoBots - are the leading innovation in technology. Following eight different disciplines NanoBot prototypes, you are considered to be among world's most brilliant scientists. But the experiment isn't over. How will your creation fare against opposing NanoBot armies? The objective is to devise the longest chain of NanoBots, and to thwart your challengers from culminating their own linked army. By utilizing a series of strategic attacks and defenses, will your bots unite in victory, or is your NanoBot actually the weakest link?