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Deniable: A hilarious new Spy story game

Storyweaver released Deniable, their new Spy story game that's free to download from their website.


From the release:

Want a laugh? StoryWeaver has just released the pre-print beta of a story game about unwitting spies tempted by easy money. It's heavily inspired by British TV series, like SPY or Minder, or the gritty 80's thrillers like "The professionals".

Deniable is an unusual game in that it focuses on the struggles the characters have in balancing their personal and secret lives. Which ends up with terribly funny situations (think, A Fish Called Wanda). Players have to balance their characters' Stress and Cred. Too much Stress, or too little Cred, and it's lights out! One big difference mechanically is that players need not form a 'party' but are always involved in every scene by formally taking on roles of 'NPCs' (we call 'em extras).

It's highly entertaining and perfect for small gaming groups.

StoryWeaver loves feedback, so please feel free to let them know what works and what doesn't.