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Demo's Laser-Cut Designs releases their new Hippo Armored Troop Transport vehicle and accessories

Demo's Laser-Cut Designs has released their new Hippo Armored Troop Transport vehicle along with a lot of accessories to customize it.


From the release:

Looking for an armored troop transport that can carry up to x15 28mm troops? Want a choice of Front Ramplates? How about the option to upgrade the transport with a light Anti-tank cannon. The upgrade kit includes a choice of laser or auto-cannon? Then the Hippo is the transport for you.
The Hippo comes with a light machine gun for the cab passenger to operate. Stowage boxes are mounted on either side and each can hold 4 of our gas cans if you like. It includes turned wood wheels and axles. The model is laser cut from 1/8th and 1/16th Northern Birch.
For the Ramplate you can choose between the "Leg-breaker" or "Shield Wall"