Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs LLC Releases New Terrain

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Nov 15th, 2011

Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs LLC Releases New Terrain:

From their announcement:

For those looking for an easy to assemble, affordable alternative to more expensive terrain there is the 28mm Modular Factory (item# F001) from Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs. When assembled it stands 8.625″ tall, approx 8″ wide and 8.25″ deep.

This laser-cut model has a precise fit unlike some plastic models that can be warped or hard to assemble. White PVA school glue works best when assembling the model so there are no harmful super glue fumes to deal with. Our models accept paint well and are a snap to finish. This model can be assemble in one of 2 ways so you can choose which side the doorways are on.

For finished photos of the new model please check out our Model Gallery at:

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  • elril

    This looks awesome, and I don’t think it is over priced for what you get, but 50$ a pop would make covering a table kind of expensive.

  • The Modular Factory is a premium kit. It is not one of our more affordable items we sell, I think it’s value is in what it has to offer.

    Ease of assembly and finish. It only take PVC glue to assemble. The model in our gallery was primed gray, detailed with cheap craft paints and flocked with grass and sandbox sand.

    Multiple floors for those that like to fight indoors as well as in the streets.

    The ability to remove floors to create a different look.

    Everything in one kit. ie. the base and the decorative parts. Some kits I’ve see offer those as a separate cost.

    It covers nearly a square foot and provides a large chuck of cover both in width and height.

    • Just to be clear we do welcome comments on our products and don’t feel we were being slighted. Also as our factory series continues to grow we will be offering discounted cluster kits.

      Thank you and good gaming!

  • n815e

    DLCD – this looks very nice.
    Two suggestions:
    1) offer additional floors for sale, it would be nice to make this thing taller.
    2) I like what you are doing, but to be honest, I don’t like the way your floors stack. It does not look easy to customize the walls in terms of adding additional texture, wallpaper, brickwork, etc. when they join in such an unusual way.

  • N815e

    1) You are reading my mind and we will be offering expansions soon.
    2) We are going the route we are to make stacking and moving the layers easier. True I hadn’t thought of people adding interior (or I guess exterior) wallpaper. We try to keep the guide tabs small. But for the moment it is the way we are proceeding.

    Thank you and good gaming!

  • Oh and just a correction the model stand 8.75″ tall (8.875″ mounted on 1/8″ birch base.)

  • Monkey

    Now to scale them down to a proper scale, can I vote for them in 15mm?

  • papasmrf667

    second the 15mm vote

  • We have more 28mm to release in the following weeks and months and then in the new year you will see expansion into the 15 and 20mm scales.

    Thank you and good gaming!

    • Monkey

      That is great news, I will keep my eyes peeled!