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Demo's Laser-Cut Designs LLC

Demo's Laser-Cut Designs LLC offers new 28mm buildings on their website:

From their website:

For those looking for an easy to assemble and affordable alternative to more expensive terrain there is the 28mm 4-pack of Shops (item# B008). When assembled they stand 2.25" tall, approx 5.5" wide and 3.75" deep.

Includes building front/rear wall sections, side walls sections, x4 roof sections, x4 front and rear exit doors, x2 awnings, window frames, assembly instructions and x4 5x6" birch wood bases.

This laser-cut model has a precise fit unlike some plastic models that can be warped or hard to assemble. White PVA school glue works best when assembling the model so there are no harmful super glue fumes to deal with. Our models accept paint well and are a snap to finish. These models can be assemble in many ways so you can choose how the shops look. Retails for: $32.00

You can go to our Store Blog for FREE printable awnings and rooftop signs for the shops. Click the Terrain and Model Gallery button to see more painted models of the shops.