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Demo's Laser-Cut Designs closing their eBay store

Demo's Laser-Cut Designs has been having problems with shipping costs via their eBay store, and so are going to be closing it down.

SPECIAL NOTICE: We will be taking down our eBay store on 4/7/12 due to continuing issues with their way of calculating shipping in favor of an email ordering system. We are looking into purchasing a sales website of our own.

We want everyone to be able to take advantage of the best shipping saving and we feel that cannot be done with eBay's system. We are updating our site with a new DLCD Catalog for ordering.

It will work like this in the meantime.
Simply download the catalog and follow the ordering instructions on the last page. Email us with what you want to order and we will send an PayPal Invoice with the cost plus shipping. The best part is that customers will still get BUYER PROTECTION! The new and updated catalog with be up by Friday 4/6/12 evening at the latest.

Thank you and Good Gaming!