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Demo's Laser-Cut Designs announce new buildings

Demo Laser Cut Designs has announced the launch of four new buildings.

From their announcement:

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of four new buildings requested by many people who have been keenly following us on our blog, Facebook page and here on TGN.

While a ruined building can be a pretty cool model on a table it isn't always practical or useful to a scenario. What about scenarios with comic book heroes and villains? It's usually they who leave the town a mess! It doesn't start out that way! With all the mega-corporate skirmish games out now. These battles can often take place in the heart of un-bombed cities. It's hard to collect that corporate hostage when 100 tons of building has squashed them to jelly. "Bob, better get a squeegee..."

So we went back and turned the ruined 3-story building front (and the one with balcony too) into intact structures. New Facade/Trim and Window packs have been created for these modular buildings. Also there were requests for buildings with less windows.
There are also "Before and After" bundles on eBay where the intact and ruined counterparts have been paired together at a discounted price.

We are finishing work on the modular office building and after that we have even more structures and building details to release! But all in good time.

We will continue to listen to you and try to incorporate those ideas that we believe the mainstream will be most interested in. So don't ever stop commenting here* or on our store blog or Facebook. Please come to our blog for more info or head over to our eBay store to see all that is new!

If you have one of our buildings and can send us some digital images of your handy work we will gladly post them in our gallery.

Thank you
Steve "Demo" Rohde
Head of artistic design, DLCD LLC