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Demonworld rulebook and army books available on Wargame Vault

Demonworld Armies: ElvesRedBrick Limited have licensed the Demonworld rules and expansions from FASA and are making them available on Wargame Vault. From their website:
RedBrick LLC is pleased to announce that we have licensed the Demonworld and Empires game properties from FASA Corporation and Ral Partha Europe Ltd. James Sutton, Managing Director, RedBrick said “We are looking forward to continuing our established relationship with FASA Corporation and to working with the talented team at Ral Partha Europe Ltd. While Ral Partha Europe focuses on producing superb miniatures, RedBrick will be producing a new edition of the rules, along with supplements and games based on Demonworld and Empires.” RedBrick are working with FASA and Ral Partha Europe to release the back catalog rulebooks and supplements in PDF format. Current e-books are available for purchase from Ral Partha Europe’s web site and from RedBrick’s catalog on OneBookShelf, with more books to come soon! RedBrick are also hard at work preparing an online store to service the demand for Demonworld products in the United States. While our store should be open in the next few months, for now, US customers are invited to visit Ral Partha Europe's storefront to order Demonworld miniatures. Information on the full range of Demonworld products will soon be available at Fans of the Demonworld and Empires games are invited to join our online discussion forums on RedBrick’s web site