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Demigods Rising hero presentation

Demigods Rising gives us a little more in-depth look at the heroes in the game in these data files.


From the post:

We have started a series of presentations to bring our Heroes closer to you. First one in line is Black Wolf. Dive in, learn her moves, you are going to need it!

"One of the wolves, a large black female, stood beside the little orc girl and bared her teeth to any who would come near. From that day forward, the girl stayed in the company of the rogue orc tribe, but she was raised by the wolf."

Next in line is our favorite dwarf. Check out: the Gunner!

"Every weapon imaginable could be found on that slab, but only one caught my eye—a large pistol with a handle of polished oak. It was a brute of a gun, with a barrel wider than a man’s eye and bullets like metal plums."