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Demigod Games posts Horus preview

Demigod Games is showing off some preview renders of the new Horus minis they're working on.


From the preview:

The mighty falcon headed Egyptian god of war and hunting, Horus is also considered to be a sky god and was considered a national patron god for the ancient Egyptians, and seen as their protector. Horus quickly proved himself to be a powerful and respected figure within the Egyptian parthenon. Horus is a cunning and powerful foe who towers over most other gods on the battlefield, his already massive height magnified by the swarm of scarabs that he stands atop as they move him about the battlefield.

Horus has been sculpted by talented Australian 3D artist Elijah Akouri. This 50mm multi-part metal miniature will feature as part of the Egyptian starter set due for release with our Kickstarter campaign.