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Demented Games to release Twisted Minis prior to game releases

Demented Games has announced that they'll be releasing the minis for Twisted prior to the release of the game, itself. The miniatures will be starting to come out in February. They'll be in resin and metal, since Demented really wanted to make sure the miniatures were the highest quality possible. The full game will still be on Kickstarter later this year, but they wanted to go ahead and get the minis into your hands as soon as possible.


From the announcement:

Crank the windlass and oil the gears: it’s time to fire up the steam engine and rumble into 2015 with some big Twisted news!

As many of you know, we originally planned our Kickstarter campaign as the launch for Twisted. But as we already have a fantastic bunch of miniatures ready to go, we thought: why wait? We'd rather start bringing you our miniatures right now!

So the exciting news is that starting next month - February 2015 - we'll be bringing you regular new releases for Twisted. The first releases will be designed to introduce you to the main protagonists populating our steampunk world and to flesh out our first two opposing factions, ready to battle it out for control of the mysterious Engine.

Taking this approach also allows us to focus much more on quality. This is of prime importance to us, because we want Twisted to be the best range of 32mm steampunk miniatures available. We weren't satisfied with the drop in quality and detail associated with plastic production, so we have decided to move ahead with high-quality miniatures produced in both resin, and metal.

Each Twisted character will initially be released as a high-quality 'Collector’s Edition' resin model, as part of a limited production run. Each Collector’s Edition resin character will come with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity featuring the concept artwork.

Following this, the 'Gamer’s Edition' miniatures will be released in high-quality white metal. The metal Gamer’s Edition will come with the character card needed to use the model in the Twisted game.

We've been working hard on the design of the Twisted skirmish game. We are currently playtesting and knocking the quirks out of the rules with the help of some professional designers, to make sure we bring you the most fun, immersive, and character-driven game possible! Once the rules are finalised they will be available as a download, and we also plan to release printed hard-copy rulebooks containing some superb illustrations and much more information on the characters and world of Twisted.

If you're nearby in January, come and see us at Cancon in Canberra over the Australia Day weekend. There will be a Twisted stall and brand new miniatures for sale – including some special pre-releases! We'll be running demos of the game too. The stall will be manned by Peter and Sebastian, so we'd love to see you and have a chat in person.

There has been a lot of hard work behind the scenes to create a really immersive Twisted world. We've been designing characters, working with concept artists and sculptors, writing backstories and drafting rules like madmen and we're really happy with the way things have come together.

We can't wait to show you what we've been working on – there is a lot you haven't seen yet, we've only revealed the tip of the iceberg! We're sure you'll be impressed when you see what we've produced.

All aboard: full steam ahead!

The Twisted Team
Adam, Peter & Sebastian