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Demented Games Previews Sergeant Clark For Twisted

I wish I was faster than I am. I mean, not that I really need to run a lot during the day, but it's a nice thought. I also hate it when I'm trying to carry things and just don't have enough hands. In other words, I'm super-envious of Sergeant Clark, a new figure coming in the Wave 2 set of releases for Twisted. He's got a huge wheel to ride on and 4 arms with which to carry things. Check him out.

From the post:

WHOOP WHOOP, that's the sound of da police!

Sergeant Clark commands Twisted's robotic police force - the Wheeled Bobbies - as they patrol the streets of London. A Gentlefolk designed to main law and order, Sgt Clark has developed a little too much independence of late - his services have currently been co-opted by the Servants of the Engine!

Sgt Clark is a Wave 2 miniature for Twisted. We are working to finalise Wave 2 now so he'll be released very soon! In the first photo you can see one of the initial resin casts - they've turned out great.

The character concept artwork is by the always-amazing Nicolas Amoroso, based on an idea by Craig Clark from Miniature Scenery.

The beautiful sculpt is by Lux Thantor, the talented sculptor who has become a big part of Twisted! He has nailed this one yet again - it's a fantastic translation of the concept art and a wonderful miniature.