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Deluxe 20th Anniversary Vampire up on Kickstarter

Onyx Path Publishing is running a Kickstarter campaign for a deluxe edition of the 20th anniversary Vampire RPG book.
They're more than 3x funded, so check out the stretch goals and extras.



From the campaign:

What You'll Find Inside:

• Thirteen vampire clans, and nineteen bloodlines.
• All three castes of the dying Salubri: the Warriors, the Watchers, and the Healers.
• Bloodlines from every edition of Vampire, and from all over the known world.
• A new approach to Tzimisce Koldunic Sorcery.
• An "apocrypha of the clans" featuring fiction, lore, Roads, and alternative castes within the clans of Caine.
• A complete game in one book, which does not require Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition.
• New full color original art by Mark Kelly, Kieran Yanner, Brian Syme, Andrew Trabbold, and other fantastic artists, as well as a handful of classic B&W pieces carefully chosen from the earlier editions.