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Delta Team Box Added To The Others Kickstarter

As the battle against The Others gets more and more desperate, more heroes are recruited to fight to keep the world corruption-free (well, as much as you can, anyway. At least to the point where people aren't growing random tentacles and stuff). That's where the Delta Team comes in, a new add-on to The Others: Seven Sins over on Kickstarter.

Ok, before we go fully into this new add-on, there have been a couple new unlocked stretch goals. Polly is now added to the side of FAITH while The Mayor is on the side of the Sins. Just thought you'd like to know.

As for the Delta Team box, itself, it's more than just some heroes to pick from. Oh no, there's much more. In fact, here's a list:

* 5 Heroes (both Miniatures and Dashboards)
* 12 Upgrade Cards
* 3 Hero Dice
* 5 Old Town Tiles (with a Maps Leaflet)
* 6 Corrupted Chef Acolyte Miniatures (including 3 different sculpts and their Acolyte Board)
* 6 Corrupted Musician Acolyte Miniatures (including 3 different sculpts and their Acolyte Board)

So you get some heroes, some villains, some places for them all to meet, and some dice to battle with. It's a complete kit, and it can be yours by upping your pledge.

Up next for unlocks look to be more acolytes. This time firemen. Man, when the firemen are getting corrupted, you know stuff is getting bad.

15 days left to go in the campaign.