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Defiance Games updates their 28mm Power Suit Kickstarter campaign with new stretch goal and model size change

Defiance Games has updated their 28mm Power Armor Kickstarter campaign by letting us know that the models will be bigger than originally expected and they're also letting us know what the next stretch goals will be.


From the update:

I'm officially announcing that our UAMC HARDSUITS will actually be larger than we have previously stated. They are going to be the size equivalent to a Games Workshop Space Marine Terminator!! They will be on 40mm bases.

If we make over $22,000 with this project we will be releasing a UAMC FEMALE MARINE set. The FEMALE MARINE set will include 14 female marine figures. This includes a 12 woman squad and 2 hardbeam toting heavy weapons figures. All of these figures are in their concept stage currently and part of the goal for this one is to get us top grade sculpts! The lead time on these will be much longer than the hardsuits and the German mech. We would expect to get these figures released in 5-6 months but we will add a couple of months to properly ensure the quality of the product. Expect the delivery of the UAMC FEMALE MARINES around July/August 2014.