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Defiance Games Releases Its First 28mm Vehicle - UAMC JRAB

Defiance Games makes their way into the realm of 28mm vehicles with their first one, the UAMC JRAB.

From the release:

Defiance Games releases its first 28mm (1/56 scale) vehicle for the UAMC Force in their ALIEN WAR game.

You actually get two of these bad boys to transport your UAMC squad - and they're only $29.95 for the pair.

The JRAB FAV - Jack Rabbit Fast Armored Vehicle - is the United Americas Marine Corps general purpose utility vehicle with 13 current variants depending on mission profile.

The Mark I variant is the most common type provided to first mover UAMC squads in invasion scenarios and for squads operating independently in theatre.

The Mark I features a four-wheel, lightly armored shell and internal space for six Marines and their equipment. Typically a Marine squad will have two JRABs assigned to them to allow the entire squad to move quickly through territory.

Although capable of engaging the enemy in battle with its remotely operated top-gun configuration, the Mark I is primarily used for transport with Marines dismounting to fight. Unlike its more heavily armed and armored APC, LAV, and tank brethren, the JRAB is considered by many Marines as their "ride" and not a weapons-system of itself.

There are, however, many weapons options for the Mark I but the three most common are the HMG, automatic grenade launcher, and light missile system.

Each JRAB is quick to assemble with a main body, four wheels, and weapon options for the top turret. Use basic superglue for assembly.

Each set includes two JRABs with weapon options for $29.95.