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Defiance Games put Alien Bugs on Advance Order

Defiance Games has a bug problem... well, not a problem... They've got bugs and want to share them with you, soon. Get your name on the list.

From the announcement:

The Defiance Team is very happy to announce the imminent availability of our second hard plastic 28mm figure set for ALIEN WAR - the Bugs!

Now that we've been through the "birthing pains" with the Marines and taken our lumps, we're ready to pull the trigger on our second release (with the third one - the Germans - just a couple weeks behind!)

The Bugs are an important part of the ALIEN WAR setting - a constant companion and danger to humanity as it colonizes the stars - and a Core Force in the ALIEN WAR rules.

This first release for the Bugs Force are the Drones - the workers and warriors of the hives (although the much larger Warrior class will be with us later this summer).

Drones stand about 23-24mm tall (shorter than the humans they prey on) but come in vast numbers. Each box set features 30 Bugs with loads of extra parts for all sorts of nasty combinations!

Along with three great pre-release offers including 1, 4, and 10 (300 BUGS!) boxes - we are also giving every pre-order a special base set of 12 Bug Hive 30mm round bases.