Defiance Games previews German Panzergrenadier

By Polar_Bear
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May 2nd, 2012

Defiance Games first showed you just his weapon, now they’ve got the whole trooper up to see. Check ‘im out!

From the preview:

I asked Tim to show us a little more of the Panzergrenadiers. This one has the same basic body parts (toros/legs) but is holding the dedicated Grenade Launcher and has the field cap instead of the helmet.
The set will have enough helmets to outfit ALL your troops but we’ll also have a variety of field caps and bare heads (both male and female). You will be able to turn this into an all-female set if you choose.

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  • blkdymnd

    Might be just me, but that’s a very stiff sculpt

  • Haibane

    I think that the armoured crotch piece being taken so low makes it look like the legs are too far apart.

  • HI Guys -thanks! There are some other shots on the site – another angle of this guy along with a second trooper with helmet.

    We’ll be showing off the females over the next couple days too.



    Tony Reidy

    Defiance Games

  • The stiffness might be the pose/angle of pic. Overall, I like ’em.

  • mweaver

    I like him. Looking forward to seeing shots of the females.

  • puster

    These are imho looking better then the USMC minis. I wanted to abstain from SF for a while, but will likely get me one of these when they become available.

  • Dead Kennedy

    Love how the armour is chunky and packed with little details. These designs have come a long way! Very much looking forward to getting a platoon of these guys/gals.

  • Cherno

    As has been noted elsewhere, the right leg/knee is in a weird pose, the lower part should face more towards the outside.

    Either that, or the Panzergrenadier just crapped in his pants 🙂