Defiance Games previews bug prototypes

By TGN Ross
In News
Feb 24th, 2012

Defiance Games previews their prototype pieces for their bug models and a marine gun.

From their preview:

While we wait for the Marines – the Bugs progress! Prototype parts below for the Bugs (and one for the Germans too!)

  • That’s actually the rifle (G-54) for the German Panzergrenadiers.

    Parts are looking good so they are off to tooling and we hope to have something to look at in a couple weeks. Germans – as you can see – will follow right behind them.


  • Oh – forgot – to give a sense of scale the rifle is 22mm long. The Bugs – when assembled (and depending on which leg types you choose) are about 25mm tall or so.

    The next release for the Bug Core Force are Warriors/Nannies – which are bigger, badder buggies.