Defiance Games Major Rules Announcement: 23 VI 12

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 22nd, 2012

Defiance Games knows you’ve been hitting F5 on your keyboards all day waiting for this. So here it is:

Ok! You can stop pressing F5 now! Here’s what they have to say!We know the Hobby Games community has been waiting with baited breath for this momentous date!

The rumor mill has run rampant with speculation on the upcoming rules!

The leading rumor was that pre-orders would start this day…to be followed by the official release next weekend. The rumors also claim that this is to be a bloated, over-priced rules set that you’ll just have to live with.

Well, we’re here to tell you that the rumors were WRONG!


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  • We’re LIVE with the free rules early (at least in my time zone). Grab them here:

    Please let us know what you think!


  • jackgaudette

    Tony I just preordered four more boxes of bugs…. It was the video. All is well in gaming land.

  • blackfang

    You think it’s cute to bash GW in an official statement? Nope, just makes you look like idiots. We all know you cry yourselves to sleep every night wishing you were them.

    • TomasT

      Your sarcasm detector is broken… Please install a new.

  • cheaky


    You serious? No need to get so personal. Do you have a personal stake in 40k or something?

    I hope both games do well. More games the better for us.

    I’m looking forward to picking up some bugs and some germans when they’re released. Models look great, and unlike some other companies (nudge nudge blackfang) they’re well priced :P.

    Take it easy,


  • AoM


    GW was never mentioned by name at all. In fact, people who don’t really follow GW news at all probably didn’t even get the references. I’d hardly call that an attempt to “bash GW in an official statement.” Methinks you might be a little to sensitive to anyone who makes even a tongue in cheek reference to something that always seems to stir up the internet hornets’ nest.

    If you actually take the time to look at the rules, you’ll see that Alien War isn’t going for the same scale/crowd at all. It is swimming in the same pond with Infinity, not any other game that has an imminent release coming up.

    All that said, would you feel as strongly if the references were about a game from Spain, full metal mayhem with plastic models, or something along the lines of “the rumors are wrong, we don’t wear spandex and capes”? If you would, then I applaud you. If not, then your resentment and smugness seems a little misplaced.

    Just sayin’.