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Defiance Games LLC New Bug Previews

Defiance Games LLC previews the bugs from their Alien War SF setting:

From their website:

We realized with all the work we've been doing to get ready for the launch of our first hard plastic 1/56 scale (28mm) set - USMC for our Alien War SF setting, that we had been dragging on posting up previews of the other upcoming sets!

Today we're remedying that with some shots of the Bugs!

These are the Drones - the work-horses of the bug world - both workers and fighters. Drones, as you can see from the pic, are a bit shorter than humans but pack some nasty weaponry.

Depending on how you assemble the legs - they will work out to 22-24mm tall (so if you need some BIG BUGS for your 15mm or 6mm SF game - these might fit the bill as well!)

These will be coming hard on the heels of the Marines - as they should! and will be with us in early 2012.

German previews coming next!