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Nov 29th, 2011

Defiance Games LLC Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

Defiance Games has announced that their 28mm (1/56 scale) hard plastic SF US Marines for the Alien War range – are now available to order.

This is a 24 figure set (including 24 25mm round bases) that comes with a large number of weapon options, packs, heads, and extras.

The set retails for $29.95 – but there are also 2 launch special offers.

4-set deal (96 figures) for $99
8-set deal (192 figures) for $199

Shipping if free worldwide for the 2 deals and only $5.95 otherwise.

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  • jackgaudette

    You can’t keep a good team down. I am looking forward to this whole line of minis.

  • forestramsey

    The only thing I wonder about…it’s actually a (slightly) better deal to order two of the 4-set deals than 1 8-set deal. Seems a tad odd.

    However, these look like pretty nice minis. I’ll keep an eye on this company.

  • One painted printed prototype and a render doesn’t convince me these are actually available. based on past experience I think I’ll hang onto my money until there’s at least a photo of a real product or someone (reliable) shows some sprues in their hands.

  • Jeremy

    I second Matakishi as much as possible.

  • Enormous Stilton

    I agree. I spent a while looking for actual miniatures to look at, and there only seems to be one small image of a figure on the website. That’s not enough to part with any money for.

  • It is also a comment I have made direct to Defiance Games, more info needed. It would also be a good time to put the (free) rules on the website to get the ball rolling. I would also like to see the aliens available, so that there are two forces to use.

  • I’m with Matakishi.

    No $$$ ’til I see actual figs/sprues. Until then, it’s just a neat concept.

  • Osbad

    As others have said, the history of this particular supplier makes me dubious about risking paying up front when there is no real evidence of the availability of any actual product for sale.

    At this point, there is one render painted in a high-contrast style which while looking nice enough, successfully masks any detail that may be absent on the actual product. Even so, it is obvious that the armour on the left shin looks rather wonky.

    Cheap plastic “not-Guard” has its appeal, but right now there’s not enough to tempt.

  • mweaver

    I pre-ordered. They look decent, there are a lot of options, and they are reasonably priced. I have had a fair number of transactions with Tony and (especially) Howard, and never had a problem.

    In general, if I see something from a new company I like, I generally buy it immediately – it helps the company survive and produce more neat stuff.