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DefenseNews reviews Hind Commaner from Assault Publishing

DefenseNews has put up a review of Hind Commander from Assault Publishing.

From the review:

The Mi-24 attack helicopter is squat and double-chinned, and while it may not float like a butterfly, it does sting like an armor-piercing bee. The “flying tank” has terrorized the skies from Afghanistan to the Congo and earned a fearsome reputation — despite laboring under the NATO code name “Hind,” which sounds less like a cannon-breathing predator and more like something you eat at a barbecue joint.

But it wasn’t just the name that drew me to a tabletop miniatures game called “Hind Commander,” or the big red star on the cover. Most hobby war games and, for that matter, most defense simulations are born on the western side of the former Iron Curtain. But “Hind Commander” was designed by a Polish game designer, Marcin Gerkowicz, founder of Assault Publishing.