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DeepWars updates & ShadowSea 2nd Edtion Concepts from AntiMatter Games

AntiMatter Games put up an update about both DeepWars and ShadowSea. They've got some interesting things in store for both.

From the update:

It has been a while between updates but there have been many things going on behind the scenes as we get ready to launch DeepWars. The most important milestone was the completion of the rulebook, which has now been uploaded the Wargames Vault, serving the dual purpose of being ready for sale right now and also serving as the printer. Printed proofs are on the way right now, so in a couple more days we will should be ready to start shipping out books. Kickstarter bundles are waiting for the books, so those can go out now also. We are working on getting the retail versions of the books (BW interior) out to distributors, along with the full set of miniatures.