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DeepWars special bundle deals and previews from AntiMatter Games

AntiMatter Games put up some new greens previews of some upcoming releases for DeepWars as well as bundling together stuff for easier purchase in their webshop.

From the announcement:

AntiMatter Games now has some special bundle deals for DeepWars available in the store. There are bundles with the Deluxe Starter sets, rulebooks and troops for each force, as well as mega-bundles with the Temple of the Ancients terrain kit and multiple starter sets. These are a great way to get everything needed to play DeepWars.

There is also a preview of new miniatures and terrain on the facebook page, including hydrothermal vents. The vent areas form valuable ether crystals and minerals but the tube worms, clams and other sea life around them can entangle those that try to recover this treasure. The boiling, acidic water makes this a dicey proposition also. This sculpt is about done and can go off to casting soon.