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DeepWars is in its final day on Kickstarter!

DeepWars is in their last day on KickStarter and they've put up some more goals they hope to reach!

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The Kickstarter run is only a few hours from completion and has been an amazing success. We have achieved all of the stretch goals so far, so two more bonus goals will be added for the last few hours. Thanks again to all those who have pledged their support for DeepWars.

Stretch Goal 5: $15000
Reward: This funding level covers website development and new music to be played during games. This was always something we wanted to have but could not get the time or funds to complete. Each supporter from $25 up to $100 gets to download the new music tracks (the goal is to have 40-60 minutes of music). Supporters from $175 and up get the music and a space on the website Hall of Generals where they can show their warband and/or have a story section describing their warband's exploits.

Stretch Goal 6: $18000
Reward: This will help develop heroes and and mounted characters for each force, cast in resin and metal. It will be a challenge to work these into the schedule but I think we can do it. There would be one miniature kit made per force, and supporters from $75 and up get their choice of one of the new miniatures. Supporters from $175 get two. Supporters from $500 and up get all four. This reward does not include shipping and may be ready by early 2013, or could be ready sooner. Shipping will be an extra $5 for USA and Canada and $10 international.