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DeepWars in the homestretch on Kickstarter

DeepWars is almost ready to make its way to your tabletop. Just a little more to go! If you help, you get rewarded!

Go and help out!

We are on the home stretch of the Kickstarter run, with only a few days left. We have already met the original goals but there are some new "stretch" goals to meet in order to get additional rewards. Meeting $8K (about $500 more) would give us enough to produce another force, the Scaly Horde, a motley group of different races of sea beings, including dagathonan fish-men, vicious draconids of the deep, amphibious garks, powerful marine reptiles, giant prehistoric arthropods and other creatures. Supporters from $35 and up may choose this force starter set instead of the other three. Supporters from $175 and up get a Scaly Horde starter set in addition to their other sets.