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DeepWars from AntiMatter Games finishing pre-order specials

DeepWars from AntiMatter Games is coming to the end of their pre-order specials. The game should be to us any time now.

From the announcement:

This is the last few days before the pre-orders end for DeepWars on the 15th. The rulebook is in the last phases of editing and the starter sets are almost ready, with cards and quickstart rules getting ready for printing. There are a few miniatures left to finish up, but those are all coming along well too. Our goal is to have starter sets and rulebooks shipping by the end of September or early October and going into distribution, with the other miniatures shipping then or into November.

The pre-order pledges have unlocked two additional minis so far, but there are two more that are waiting to get sculpted. We have Bob Olley ready to work on the last two figures, so hopefully we can meet the last two pledge goals and reach $6K.