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Deepstrike Radio - Live 6th Edition Launch Show

Deep Strike Radio is going to be doing a live-broadcast podcast to talk about the 6th edition release of 40k.

Chris from the 40k Podcast Deepstrike Radio here.

I am pleased to announce that Deepstrike Radio will be doing it's first live broadcast on Ustream.Tv to celebrate the launch of 6th Edition Warhammer 40k.

Join us from 10am GMT +10 on Saturday as I will be playing some games with some special guests so that you can see the new rules in action as we show you a top down view of the games in progress in 720p definition. While we game, our American hosts Chase and Jim will be discussing the lore in the new edition.

To watch our show you simply go to and search "DeepstrikeTV". The show Will run for around 5 hours and there is also several KR multicase products available as giveaways. So I hope you all tune in!