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Deepstrike Radio - Grey Knights Review episode

The latest episode of the Deepstrike Radio podcast has a review of the new 40K Grey Knight codex. From their announcement:
News in a Flash The boys begin this most massive of episodes with a foray into sexy wraithbone bases, Jim’s favorite furs and some sweet new Forge World. Chase foams over the Strongpoint expansion and Chris just can’t get over the Wraithseer. The Librarius (17.29) Knights of the Shiny Pants abound. The crew overviews the Grey Knights from origin to M41 itself, everything from training, geneseed and their fancy fancy Feast Halls. Chase rants about Ahriman Abuse, Malcador is a boss, and those darn Grey Knight mind wipes.
Main Topic (58.59) Onto the main topic, DSR talks Grey Knight Tactics and heroes. Psykers – Psykers everywhere. Sweet Librarian powers, sneaky sexy Inquisitors and bad ass Ghost Knights of awesome. Then – The Nemesis weapons of Win, Orbital Strike Relays and the Ammo of justice. The Armoury (153.23) Finally we have a name. First, Chris schools us in the ways of the Inquisition, Jokaero, Acolytes and Flagellants oh my. Jim talks Purifiers, Castellan Crowe and the infamous Vindicare Assassin of Death. And Chase brings up the rear (as usual) with a Librarian – Terminator list, packed with enough Orbital Strikes and 2+ saves to scare the Deathwing. The Hobby Trenches (176.54) Bringing the episode on home is the ubiquitous hobby trenches. Kit-bashing, black painted grey knights and glorious nickel paint. And we conclude the episode with a review of Stabby TMP’s fantastic flying bases.