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Deepstrike Radio - Flood Appeal Edition

Deepstrike Radio have posted a new episode with details of their Flood Appeal auction. From their announcement:
The DSR Flood Relief Appeal Special Edition. Dedicated to those who have suffered in the 2010/2011 Queensland Floods. News In a Flash (01.11) This time in the News, the boys discuss the confirmation of the Grey Knights release, GW’s new FAQ’s and a few other bits and pieces from other companies. More importantly, Chris discusses the Deepstrike Radio Flood Relief Appeal, our very first charity auction to help those who have been severely impacted by the recent flooding in Queensland, Australia and touches on the sheer size of the problem at hand and how you can help! The boys also announce that they have some books signed by Dan Abnett and Graham McNeill to give away to the person who donates the highest amount
. Sponsor Alert DSR is brought to you by, the ultimate resource for all your bits needs. Rogal Dorn approved! The Librarius (37.49) This week in The Librarius the boys lose the plot. Seriously though, after the boys regain their composure, they do the robot – literally. DSR jumps into the mystery and fluff of the Adeptus Mechanicus and talk about all things from the very disturbing Servitors to Titans and all in between. Main Topic (79.49) This week in the main topic, the boys discuss Terrain in 5th edition. The finer details of the rulings are discussed as well as some personal opinion thrown in regarding True Line of Sight. The Hobby Trenches (105.08) To round out Episode 7, the boys interview Big Jim and Stucarius about their super secret project ‘The Codex Project’, an evolution in community playtesting that will provide a platform for fandex and character development to gain their rightful place in the 40k community. Don’t forget to check out our twitter feed for updates regarding our Flood Appeal. Please give generously to our flood appeal if you can, and don’t forget – Strike Fast, Play Hard!