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Deepstrike Radio Flood Appeal auctions

The Deepstrike Radio podcast is auctioning off two 40K armies to help raise funds for Queensland flood relief.

From their announcement:
Chris from Deepstrike Radio here. As you may or may not be aware, I am from Brisbane Queensland, which was last month ravaged by floods that killed nineteen people and left approximately $30 billion in damage.

Having seen the damage first hand, I decided to do something about it from the hobby perspective. Through DSR, I was able to start the DSR Flood Appeal. The aim is to raise money for the QLD premier's flood appeal. To do so, we have been able to compile two armies which have gone live on eBay.

We have two separate armies:

Both armies have two different, well built Space Marine armies. In addition, the winning bidders receive:

  • A HQ (Chaplain, Captain or Librarian) converted and built by Dave Taylor himself.

  • A host of signed Black Library books and audiobooks.

  • $50 secret weapons miniatures vouchers for use on whatever the winning bidder pleases.

Our website has a special page just for the cause -