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Deepstrike Radio episode VI released

Episode 6 of the Deepstrike Radio podcast is now available. From their announcement:
News In a Flash This time in the News, DSR thanks all those within the community, podcasters and listeners alike for their help in 2010. The boys discuss Dave breaking the internet, and the new Stormraven picture. The boys also talk DSR developments, including the announcement of our 2011 Motivational Painting Challenge and Chris’s Left 4 Dead 40k ruleset. The boys also discuss the line up for the Black Library over the next few months, and GW suing Chapterhouse Studios.
Sponsor Alert DSR is brought to you by, the ultimate resource for all your bits needs. Rogal Dorn approved! Topic One – The Douchebags of 40k DSR takes a slightly more casual approach to the first episode of the new year, with three topics for round table discussion. The boys are joined by Big Jim from Galaxy In Flames and The Custodes for the first topic – the douchebags (AKA Dicks) of the 40K universe. Who you hate, who you should hate, and what’s this? The Emprah himself is one of them? Heresy! Topic Two – What we miss For the second round table discussion the boys are joined by Starminer from The Custodes to discuss the things that are missed from the 40K universe and hobby. Gather your hearing aids and zimmerframes as Starminer and Chase reminisce on the “Good Old Days” of Dark Millennium and 2nd Edition. The boys also cover off the joys of VDR, and the White Dwarf of old. Topic Three – The year ahead and day dreams.. For the third and final round table discussion the boys are joined by Rancor709 from The Custodes to discuss both the year ahead, and what the boys hope to see from Games Workshop in the future. Chase loses it over the Grey Knights release and is not kind as he succumbs to the Black Rage. Stay tuned as the boys also discuss GW’s erratic release schedule, and what it means for 40K players in 2011 and onwards, and their hopes and dreams for the future of the hobby. Don’t forget to check out our twitter feed We hope you enjoy the change up. Dont forget to sign up to The Custodes, and Strike Fast, Play Hard!