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Deep Wars gives us an overview of their Dark Mariner starter

Deep Wars shows off a new piece of concept art and gives us some info on their Dark Mariner starter. Damn this game looks like it's going to be cool.

Blubblubblub... That's fish for, "Here's what they say about it":

The Dark Mariners are descendents from the original kingdoms of the Ancients, but have become corrupted and degraded by generations of genetic experimentation with foul creatures of the deep. They still use some of the technology of their elders but only a few of their leaders, those retaining some of the original bloodline, can fully recall the secrets of the ethers. Dark Mariner forces are a mixture of mutated shock troops, stealthy biomechs and vile cephalid telepaths and scientists. These fully aquatic beings have suits designed for protection underwater and amphibious assaults on land or in pressurized submersibles. They are lightly armored, but fast moving and deadly when in close quarters.